Question: How Do You Use Dam In A Sentence?

How do we use dams?

Reservoirs can be used to store water for farming, industry, and household use.

They also can be used for fishing, boating, and other leisure activities.

People have used dams for many centuries to help prevent flooding.

The ancient Mesopotamians may have been some of the first humans to build dams..

Why are dams built?

People build dams to control water—to make sure the right amount is at the right place at the right time. River water rises behind dams, forming artificial lakes called reservoirs. The stored water can be used to generate electricity or to supply water for homes and industries, for irrigation or for navigation.

What is the most famous dam in the world?

In this week’s blog, we take a look at the seven most strange and beautiful dams around the world.7) Hoover Dam – Nevada/Arizona, United States.6) Three Gorges Dam – Hubei, China.5) The Karun-3 Dam – Khuzestan, Iran.4) The Inguri Dam – Jvari, Georgia.3) Vajont – Erto E Casso, Italy.2) Sand Dams – Kenya.More items…•

What’s the biggest dam in the world?

Three Gorges DamThe Three Gorges Dam in Hubei Province, China, can hold back more than five trillion gallons (19 billion cubic meters) of water, according to NASA.

What are disadvantages of dams?

Large dams have junction rectifier to the extinction of the many fish and alternative aquatic species, huge losses of forest, the disappearance of birds in floodplains, erosion of deltas, wetland, and farmland, and many other irreversible impacts.

What is an example of a dam?

The definition of a dam is something that holds back water, or the body of water that is being held. An example of a dam is rubber sheet put around a tooth to keep it dry during a dental procedure. An example of a dam is the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River in Nevada.

What is Ram easy definition?

Stands for “Random Access Memory” and is pronounced “ram.” RAM is a common hardware component found in electronic devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In computers, RAM may be installed as memory modules, such as DIMMs or (SO-DIMMs sodimm).

What is a dam animal?

: the female parent of a domestic animal (as a dog or horse) dam. noun.

Which is the first dam in the world?

Lake Homs DamQuatinah Barrage / Lake Homs Dam, Syria The Quatinah Barrage or Lake Homs Dam, located in Syria, is the oldest operational dam in the world. The dam was constructed during the reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh Sethi between 1319-1304 BC, and was expanded during the Roman period and between 1934 and 1938.

How do dams cause problems?

As explained, the dams will bring more problems than they will solve. Hydropower dams flood large areas, force people to relocate, threaten freshwater biodiversity, disrupt subsistence fisheries, and leave rivers dry – substantially affecting the ecosystem.

How do you use the word ram in a sentence?

Examples of ram in a Sentence Verb They deliberately rammed my car from behind. The car slid and rammed against the wall. He deliberately rammed his car into mine. She rammed her fist against the wall in anger.

What type of animal is a RAM?

bighorn sheepRams are male bighorn sheep, animals that live in the mountains and often settle arguments with fights that include ramming their heads into others. Not to be confused with mountain goats, rams can be identified by their long, curved horns, long fur, and split hooves.

What does can mean?

to be able to; have the ability, power, or skill to: She can solve the problem easily, I’m sure. to know how to: He can play chess, although he’s not particularly good at it. to have the power or means to: A dictator can impose his will on the people.

What is a dam what are its uses?

Coauthor of Power from Water. Dam, structure built across a stream, a river, or an estuary to retain water. Dams are built to provide water for human consumption, for irrigating arid and semiarid lands, or for use in industrial processes.

Is Dam it a bad word?

The noun dam refers to a barrier that holds back water. As a verb, dam means to hold back or confine. As a verb, damn means to criticize or to condemn as bad or inferior. As an interjection, damn is used to express anger, frustration, or disappointment.

What is dam and types of dam?

Rigid dams constructed using different rigid materials are discussed below.Masonry Dam. Masonry dams are built using either stone masonry or brick masonry. … Concrete Dam. Concrete is most commonly used material to construct a dam. … Timber Dam. … Steel Dam. … Earthen Dam. … Rock Fill Dam. … Gravity Dam. … Arch Dam.More items…

What is the sentence of dam?

Dams sentence examples. Were it not for these dams steamers might reach Mosul itself, at an elevation of 353 ft. Hence in dams above Too ft. Two great dams on the river (one built by the Federal government) provide good water power.

What is the full meaning of dam?

dam, dike, dyke(noun) a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea.

Are dams good or bad?

The potential adverse impacts of dams are well documented, to be sure. These may include altered stream flow, habitat degradation, blockage of the upstream and downstream migrations of fish, mortality of fish passing through turbines, and lower rates of dissolved oxygen downstream of dams.

What is dam simple words?

A dam is a large wall or barrier that blocks or stops the flow of water, forming a reservoir or a lake. Most dams have a section called a spillway or weir over which, or through which, water flows, either sometimes or always.

Do we need dams?

Irrigation, farming, fishing, energy production, recreation and drinking water all depend on functioning dams. Meanwhile, large dams are being built at an incredible rate in developing countries, especially China and India; these countries also need regular water usage for cities, food and energy.